Tajhiz Energy Baraftab Company (TEBCO) is a supplier which has been providing technical support and procurement services to various industries. Supported by many years of experience, we are ready to supply our clients’ needs in this field. Our relation with our clients helps us know the market requirements and how to supply it. In fact with the continuous and successful presence at this market, we are offering wide range of instrumental and mechanical equipment. In our instrument department, flow, pressure, temperature and level transmitters, actuators and variety of analyzers are provided. In the mechanical department, different valves and pumps are supplied.

Our company has also a factory in Qazvin. The products are brass ball and gate valves below 4 inch. Around 4 million valves are manufactured annually. The factory has more than 100 personnel and 30 years working experience.

We also provide engineering service such as vibration monitoring systems, data analysis and trainings, cathodic protection system, installation, inspection and all related services.

Our Goals

1. To serve industry to reduce procurement cost. Since we could supply the goods competitively with the lowest possible delivery time, our clients would save their energy and time.

2. To provide technical supports to help our clients to select the best model and specification which could meet their requirements.‏

3. To improve our local know-how and decrease the final cost of the goods. We have plan to produce some of the industrial products in our country.

4. To expand our business to be a contractor to render a special service which our country requires.

5. To achieve a knowledge to save the earth by some special products or services leading to save the energy, decrease the exhaust of the plant, decrease the toxic gases produced during the process, to treat the waste chemical water, to avoid any rework in the process and wasting of the plant products.